Joe Duncko

Joe Duncko

Frontend engineer and community organizer based in Youngstown, Ohio


  1. Engineering Manager @

    Pittsburgh, PA - Present

    Responsible for coordinating BlastPoint's Platform Team's process and workload, as well as growth and retention.

  2. Team Lead @

    Pittsburgh, PA -

    Responsible for coordinating BlastPoint's Platform Team's process and workload. Successfully iteratively transitioned the team to industry-standard two week cycles, significantly increasing team momentum, morale, and predictability.

  3. Senior Frontend Engineer @

    Pittsburgh, PA - Present

    Helping Blastpoint adopt the latest frontend technologies and best practices for its customer intelligence platform.

  4. EIR - Software Development @
    Youngstown Business Incubator

    Youngstown, OH - Present

    Aiding YBI portfolio companies in navigating building out their MVPs as an Entrepreneur in Residence.

  5. Adjunct Professor @
    Youngstown State University

    Youngstown, OH -

    Bringing my industry experience to the classroom to teach web development related courses at YSU.

  6. Software Engineer @

    Pittsburgh, PA -

    Created UIs and designed developer-friendly APIs for machine learning pipeline. Projects included custom web-based image and video labeling software (React, canvas/Konva), a cross-platform data collection mobile app (React Native, Expo), and several dashboards. Helped manage a remote team of contractors located outside of the US. Heavily contributed to iterating devops workflow by spearheading implementing analytics, error reporting, and CI.

  7. Co-Founder, CEO @
    The Event Discovery Company

    Youngstown, OH -

    Led communication with customers and stakeholders to make product and business decisions. Spearheaded frontend development, creating interactive wireframes in Adobe XD and implementing them in React via Material UI. Worked remote with a team through an always-improving agile development workflow.

  8. Talent Development Coordinator @

    Youngstown, OH -

    Grew Drund's team and talent pool by coordinating internship programs and developer community outreach.

  9. Frontend Engineer @

    Youngstown, OH -

    Maintained and added features to a white-label social-network-as-a-service. Helped modernize the project by leading the implementation of JavaScript code standards via linting, integration testing, unit testing, and refactoring.

  10. Software Development Intern @

    Cleveland, OH -

    Spent three months helping ten-odd startups get their MVPs ready in time for Demo Day in Flashstarts' intensive program. Learned a ton about sales and entrepreneurship along the way. Worked simultaneously on multiple projects with multiple teams. Utilized the MEAN stack on one project, and Phaser.js using Typescript on another. Discovered the wonderful thing that is UX testing.

  11. Student Web Developer @
    Youngstown State University

    Youngstown, OH -

    Created an information organization system for the Youngstown State University's Undergraduate web Bulletin. This involved writing custom Drupal plugins and themes in PHP.

  12. Joe @
    Joe's PC Services

    Canfield, OH -

    Branded, marketed, and carried out computer maintenance, phone repair, and website administration and creation services to over 100 unique customers while in high school.


Completed a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Entrepreneurship at the Youngstown State University, Spring 2017


  • Code Youngstown (Co-Organizer): Connecting software engineers, developers, and coders in the Youngstown, OH area.

Open Source

  • react-hookz (Core Contributor): React hooks done right, for browser and SSR.

Select Projects

  • Evitt

    , Maximizes your event attendance by utilizing your organization’s most valuable asset - your community. Built with Flask and React, hosted on Heroku.
  • Share Securely

    , The one click way for your clients to securely send you passwords. Built with Flask and React, hosted on Heroku.

    , A calendar of current and upcoming community events in EA Star Wars Battlefront II (2017).


  • Bitcoin

    (A blog post I wrote in 2011 was referenced in a legal journal and a book on the subject.)
  • Hackathons

    (Co-founded HackYSU, traveled to Yale, Georgia Tech, University of Michigan, and more.)
  • Startups

    (Former founder, pitched to raise money, interned at a startup accelerator, participated in a startup accelerator and Y Combinator's Startup School.)